Thursday, February 23, 2006


Even dogs that have a lot of fur like me need a sweater once in a while, Lori Loves to dress me up, and I love it too- After all I am a princess, Anyway! In this sweater I look like a sheep. This one was so warm. I loved it! Than, one day while we were moving Adam decided that I did not need a sweater anymore. I was so extremely sad....

Did I mention, that my name was supposed to be Tank??



I was a sexy puppy for christmas, My owners kept thinking it was my first one but I knew where all of the treats were! In the Stockings! It was just me and Lori @ Christmastime. We noshed on some treats, had chicken and decorated the tree! I love Christmas, this is my first portrait!

So Pretty!

I was a pumpkin for Halloween. I was a skinny one though!


Sometimes I like to Dress up like a pimp! I try to keep it low-key though!

My Name is Emma

My Name is Emma, My mom was a golden retriever and my dad was a Yellow Lab. I came from a farm outside of Edmonton. Interestingly enough, I was named Emma and my owner did not even know that was my mother's name!

I am almost two. In my two years, I have been on trains, in cars and almost all of the way across Canada! I like to hang my head out the window so my lips flap in the wind! They are funny that way, I only tried to jump out of the window once. There was a very sexy male dog that I just had to go and see. This is me and my brother Dex!

My favorite foods are Dog Food, I like Purina One - I am not a big eater like my brother dex, He eats and eats and eats and doesn't know when to stop! That's why he is fat!

Sometimes I make a stink in my sleep, well, quite often...My owners have to leave the room, Its THAT Bad!

But they love me! I hate having my ears cleaned! I like caulifaur, but not broccoli, Although if my owner was eating something, I would eat that too!